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An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster pdf books
Title:An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:245

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Paul Auster (Bloom's Modern Critical Views)

Paul Auster Bloom s Modern Critical Views

Poet and novelist essayist and screenwriter contemporary author Paul Auster s prolific oeuvre includes the critically acclaimed screenplay for Smoke as well as the novel Timbuktu

The Art of Hunger: Essays, Prefaces, Interviews, The Red Notebook

The Art of Hunger Essays Prefaces Interviews The Red Notebook

In this astonishingly acrobatic work Paul Auster traces the compulsion to make literature or art through essays on Franz Kafka Samuel Beckett Paul Celan Laura Riding Knut Hamsun John Ashbery and other vital figures of our century In a section of interviews as well as in the revelatory The Red Notebook Auster reflects on his own work on the need to break down the boundary between living and writing on the use of certain genre conventions to penetrate matters of memory and identity The Art of Hunger undermines and expands our accepted notions about literature and throws an uprecedented light on his own richly allusive writing

World that is the Book: Paul Auster’s Fiction

World that is the Book Paul Auster s Fiction

i The World that is the Book i offers an in depth analysis of Paul Auster s fiction It explores the rich literary and cultural sources that Auster taps into in order to create compelling stories that investigate the nature of language the workings of chance and the individual s complex relations with the world at large Whereas most Auster criticism has concentrated on readings of individual novels this book emphasizes the continuity in Auster s writing by discussing throughout the philosophical underpinnings that lead the author to question the boundaries separating the fictional from the factual and the real from the imagined

An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
i An Art of Desire Reading Paul Auster i the first book length study solely devoted to the novels of Paul Auster From the vantage point of poststructuralist theory especially Lacanian psychoanalysis and Derridean deconstruction this book explores the relation of Auster s novels i City of Glass In the Country of Last Things Moon Palace i and i The Music of Chance i to the rewriting and deconstruction of genre conventions their connections to concepts such as catastrophe theory the sublime Freud s notion of the death drive as well as the philosophical underpinnings of his work At the focus of this study however is the concept of desire an important concept in the writings of both Auster and Lacan and the various manifestations of this concept in Auster s novels Auster s novels always emphasize a kind of outside of the text chance the real the unsayable a kind of hope for a transparent language a hope however that is exactly posited as impossible to fulfill The relation of Daniel Quinn Anna Blume Marco Fogg and Jim Nashe to this lack is the motor of their desire the driving force for the subject that has i always already i left the real and has been inscribed into the representational system called reality It is here in its relation to the signifier that the subject s desire is played out that its experience is ordered interpreted and articulated It is their ability to make connections to proliferate to affirm free play their ability not to bemoan the absence of the centre that ultimately decides over success or failure of Auster s subjects whether they partake in the joyous errance of the sign or whether their fate is that of the unfortunate traveler An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster books by Bernd Herzogenrath

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